Yellow Sticky Fly Traps


Catch those pesky adult Fungus Gnat flies! These fun shaped yellow traps attract flies and stop them annoying you. Pop one into your plants pot to catch the pests and monitor the number. 30 traps in each pack. Plastic free.

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Fungus Gnat flies are not really harmful to mature plants but can damage younger plants. The grub will feed on roots in the pot and the adults will drive you mad flying about your house! These flies come in from outside or hitch a lift in on new plants. Using sticky traps is a way to identify the pest, reduce adult populations and monitor levels. The bright yellow attracts the fly. Peel off the sticker paper and pop them into the inside of the plants pot. They are plastic free. As well as fungus gnats these traps may catch Whitefly, Thrips, Houseflies and Aphids.

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