Tillandsia usneoides/Spanish Moss

Tillandsia usneoides is amazingly delicate and sparkly. They drape beautifully from a hanger or hook and will add a touch of class to your home.

45cm long


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Care instructions

LIGHT: Happiest in medium to bright indirect light, some early morning and/or evening sun is fine but avoid strong direct sun.

WATERING: Soak the whole plant in tepid water for 15-20 minutes once a week in spring/summer, less in winter. Shake off excess water and allow excess water to drain before returning to position. Use rainwater if you live in a hard water area.

HUMIDITY: Enjoys humidity but will tolerate average home environments, avoid drying heat or cold draughts. Humidity can be increased by pebble trays, grouping with other plants or a humidifier.

TEMPERATURE: Enjoys warmth of 15-28°C.

FEEDING: Add a small amount of Orchid or Bromeliad fertilizer to the water you soak them in. Feed once a month in spring and summer only.

GROWTH: Slow growth. Can reach up to 50 cm in length.

TOXICITY:   Safe for pets and people.

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