Pilea peperomioides / Chinese Money Plant

This plant is a popular gift. Round coin-shaped leaves and its enthusiasm to push up ‘pups’ means you can share your Chinese Money Plant with friends.

Pot diameter: 8.5cm


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Care instructions

LIGHT: Happiest in medium to bright indirect light.

WATERING: Water thoroughly then allow top 1” to dry out before watering again. Avoid waterlogging.

HUMIDITY: Easy-going but enjoys regular misting.

TEMPERATURE: Enjoys warmth of 15-26°C. Avoid draughts.

FEEDING: Liquid houseplant feed once a months during spring and summer only.

GROWTH: Average to fast growth rate. Can reach 0.5m in height if happy and given space.

TOXICITY: Safe for pets and people.

PRUNING: Prune to restrict spread.

OTHER: Support with moss pole, stakes or trellis.

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