Grow Tropicals Fine Charcoal 2.5ltr


Grow Tropicals Charcoal for use in composts, Terrariums and Vivariums

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Amazonian peoples use charcoal as a key ingredient of their terra preta soils, and today it is a staple component in nearly every substate mix used in the aroid, terrarium and vivarium hobbies.

In addition to its use as a substrate, it is also an excellent material for culturing live foods inside the vivarium, particularly springtails (Collembola) – filling the trough with charcoal supports an ongoing food source for freshly morphed froglets. Because it weighs half as much as calcined clay, it also makes an excellent drainage material that will help reduce the overall weight of your vivarium display.

When storing charcoal, allow it to dry out completely before placing into an airtight container.

Fine Grade is measured at: 2-5mm

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