Crassula ovata / Jade Plant

Jade Plants are an old favourite for a reason: they are easy to care for, long-lived, slow growing, and they do well under artificial light. A great traditional wedding or housewarming gift. Flowers annually once it is mature and happy.

Pot diameter: 21cm


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Care instructions

LIGHT: Happiest in medium to bright light. Enjoys some direct sun but will need to acclimatise to strong sunlight.

WATERING: Water thoroughly then allow to dry out almost completely before watering again. Avoid waterlogging.

HUMIDITY: Likes to be dry. No misting required.

TEMPERATURE:  Easy-going. 7-28°C.

FEEDING: Liquid houseplant feed once every two months during spring and summer only.

GROWTH: Slow growth rate. Can reach 1m in height over many years.

TOXICITY: Unsafe if eaten by pets or people.

OTHER: Can become top heavy so a heavy pot is needed.

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