Alocasia ‘Silver Dragon’

Alocasia ‘Silver Dragon’ has large, thick, matte silver leaves with dark green veins – it really stands out!

Pot diameter: 14cm |  Height: 30cm 


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How to care for your Alocasia

LIGHT: Bright indirect light, some early morning and/or evening sun is fine but avoid strong direct sun. Will not tolerate low light.

WATERING: Likes to be slightly moist at all times. Avoid waterlogging but also do not allow to dry out completely.

HUMIDITY: Enjoys humidity but will tolerate average home environments, avoid drying heat or cold draughts. Humidity can be increased by pebble trays, grouping with other plants or a humidifier.

TEMPERATURE: Needs warmth, happy at 16-30°C. Avoid draughts.

FEEDING: Liquid houseplant feed as instructions on bottle during spring and summer. In autumn and winter feed less and only if plants continue to actively grow.

GROWTH: Compact growth. Can reach up to 30+ cm in height.

TOXICITY: Toxic if ingested.

OTHER: Use a soft damp cloth to clean leaves or give plant an occasional gentle tepid spray down to remove dust.

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