Pelargonium grandiflorum ‘Lemona’ / Scented Geranium

An easy care plant with beautiful bright white and purple flowers. The leaves have a stunning scent which is used to repel midges!

Pot diameter: 10cm


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Care instructions

LIGHT: Happiest in bright light, tolerates sun well and can be grown outdoors in summer.

WATERING: Water thoroughly then allow top 2″ to dry out before watering again. Avoid waterlogging.

HUMIDITY: Likes to be dry. No misting required.

TEMPERATURE: Enjoys warmth pf 13-30°C. Avoid cold drafts.

FEEDING: Liquid houseplant feed at half strength during spring and summer only.

GROWTH: Average growth rate.

TOXICITY: Not safe if ingested for pets, but used in recipes for humans.

PRUNING: Remove dead flowers to encourage more. Prune leggy growth to keep bushiness.

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